I hope this space will help inspire you on your path to thriving physically and mentally. We owe it to ourselves to feel damn good every day! Wishing to provide you with daily food ideas, natural living inspiration & content for finding balance and contentedness in your life.

A little on my background and  I feel inspired to share and connect through a blog. I live in sunny Scotland in the United Kingdom, that wee place that everyone talks funny and wears kilts. Not to mention the most breathtaking views and outdoors in the world! Check out my most recent YouTube Video exploring the tops of Scotland’s beauty. If you haven’t been to this side of the world.. Its one for travel list!

My health journey really began when I hit the lowest point in my life at 22 both mind and body. 22 but not feeling it like Taylor Swift.. Studying for a dance degree but certainly not thriving the way a young woman should have been, I was living on old belief systems and bad lifestyle habits. It tends to me rock bottom that we hit first before we know a change needs to me made.

In 2018 I came across a documentary on Netflix “Cowspiracy” which really opened my eyes to the impact of consumerism and how the environment is effected by our food choices. From this day I decided to become more conscious on the foods I was eating and buying.

Soon after, I began researching and reading everything I possibly could on how to thrive on a vegan diet which led me to watching many other eye opening and educational documentaries such as “The Gerson Miracle”. This watch is incredibly powerful showing the positive effects that a change in diet has on our cells and demonstrates juicing techniques that are used to cure disease. I will post below!

In 2019 I began a Masters degree in Health Promotion & Public Health as this course teaches everything I was self studying and have always asked questions on! I am 4 months into the course and have been so humbled and excited by the new topics I am learning about. I get asked a lot “What is Public Health”? I am still trying to get my head around it.. My answer is usually just “The whole world”. From a global perspective Public Health looks at the health of populations and why diseases and certain outbreaks occur and how they can be stopped or reduced through prevention and health promotion methods. I will be sharing lots of information and insights on what I am learning with evidence based theory. Lets learn together!

I created a video last year on my YouTube channel opening up a little more on the reasons for making such a big lifestyle change. I will be using my YouTube channel more alongside this blog to stay connected with you guys through video content, Its such a great way to get creative and share online. Keep an eye for more wellness and travel content!
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