Why I have switched my usual coffee to a chicory drink instead

Okay so I need to firstly admit that I am a huge coffee fan. I remember first trying it and not really liking the taste much at all, more the effects it gave me to power through long college days! Then, somewhere along the way the taste was the best part and I was hooked.Continue reading “Why I have switched my usual coffee to a chicory drink instead”

What is freedom to you?

Over this past year, something along my journey I have learned is that every person on this planet views the world so very differently. Technological advances over the past decade have given us a mass of information that our ancestors did not need to survive and live a free, long healthy and happy life. FreedomContinue reading “What is freedom to you?”

Stop looking for it.. Just look at it

Reflections on 2020 – Positive takings from this crazy year! Hello writers and readers..Its been a while… I haven’t been very present on social media platforms this year, I can not share much when I don’t feel aligned. 2020 has certainly shaken earth up and I feel like I have personally been on a rollerContinue reading “Stop looking for it.. Just look at it”