What is freedom to you?

Over this past year, something along my journey I have learned is that every person on this planet views the world so very differently. Technological advances over the past decade have given us a mass of information that our ancestors did not need to survive and live a free, long healthy and happy life.

Freedom for me is not allowing others or information to decide for me. Freedom for me is just being – without anyone’s permission to do so.

I know a lot of us at this time going in 2021 are looking for answers, questioning what does the future hold? I wish to urge all of you readers to not look for a sense of security from others opinions and information.. not matter how factual it may seem.

Freedom comes from within – YOU.

Robert Greene

When we focus on our inner voice and gut feelings and what you believe is right for the world. This is our truth. Go ahead doing just that, the rest will figure itself out….

You weren’t put on this earth to be a sheep – Don’t allow anything or anyone take away your individual thought process and imagination.

I have taken Napoleon Hill‘s wonderful quote to finish off this quick short blog of my feelings today to you all..

No man or woman is free until they learn to do their own thinking and gain the courage to act on their own personal initiative

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