Do not expect others to follow your way..

“Do not expect others to follow your way ”

Buddhist The King Of Treasures Samahdi. Taken from ‘The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’

– Haemin Sunim

Reading this chapter got me feeling like writing on this dark afternoon in Scotland.. well to be really honest it got me thinking that I am going to 25 this year! and one thing I have learned on my time here on earth so far is that aint nobody going to understand your vision or views like you do. So don’t try to make them.

We are all brought up in completely different environments, with different caretakers, views, opinions and values which naturally as kids made us feel that our family were right. As we grow into our own person and begin to experience life through our own lens this can grow into have opposing views to others (this may even be family/friends). Oppressing your inner voice to comply and fit in with others or those close to you will only leave your soul crying to speak your own voice.

Ultimately, I always believe that we are here to fill a purpose and walk our destined path which has to be found only alone. I am learning on my journey that others can only join you on this path, we can not expect others to view the world through our own lens.

When things always go your way, when everyone agrees with you, we never have any teachers.

A beautiful reminder… Those who may be making your life difficult today, could be your undercover spiritual teacher sent to you to teach you what your really worth.

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