Take time for you

Nature. Outdoors space. Love & Laughter all lift me in becoming my greatest version in times of confusion and burn out bringing me back to the heart space when I get lost in the fast life.

Self love is not selfish and it’s not about being selfish either. I believe its about prioritising your well being as the director of your own life. Removing yourself from any situations that are not serving you to allow new flows of water into your life. We mustn’t forget we are here to experience and appreciate and not to consume and contaminate. Every time we love ourselves a little more we are able to serve humanity and love others deeper bringing a connected energy that spreads some more loving into the world amongst all the madness. Ask yourself.. What does your heart need?

Take time for you, it heals you & the world x

What helps you connect to your heart space? I would love to connect with you in the comment section below!


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Choose love

Isn’t playing it safe and being locked in our own minds more dangerous than any “danger” that could ever exist?

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