Life is random

Although a great majority of our thoughts are spent thinking about what may be in the future, there aren’t many certainties to life and most often our most thought out plans for our lives end up leading to a very different outcome, our destined paths.

Today I was observing my surroundings living through this period of change, 2020 vision certainly went way differently than we all imagined. I was personally reflecting on Christmas time and the visions I had planned for the year ahead in finishing my Masters degree and all of the places I would visit and explore. Yep, affirmations and plans laid of for the next six months type of girl, I do question why sometimes..

Life. is. random. Right?

Naturally we seek control over our lives in the habits and rituals we each have, I think this is a beautiful thing to have as human beings as we create comfort in our environments, for as long as this does not surpass the point of obsessive compulsiveness. Psychology Today’s article (posted below) states “Our brains naturally want to see patterns and order, but the world often doesn’t work that way” in a study explaining the science of why the universe is fundamentally random. Currently I am living back home with family as I spend the next three months finishing my Public Health Masters online, not exactly how I imagined my life to be, but I am realising this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Sometimes we get stuck in the thinking that life’s phases are simply “happening” to us and not FOR US. Flowing and accepting randomness has personally made me feel a lot more peaceful in my heart, mind and body. If you ever feel unsure on why things haven’t gone to play in your current circumstance or why you are in a place you didn’t think you would be, I want you to imagine yourself standing in the middle of a beautiful great flowing river trying hard to resist against the water becoming tired and tempted to swim.

Ultimately, letting go and enjoying the beauty of the rivers flow will simultaneously create freedom in the mind and body just as we should allow ourselves to flow with life’s waters.

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

Wishing Health, Love & Light!

Katie x

Choose love

Isn’t playing it safe and being locked in our own minds more dangerous than any “danger” that could ever exist?

What is freedom to you?

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