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Healthy Lock Down Snacks

Homemade sweet potato crispy fries. Dipped in freshly made guacamole with a squeeze of lemon! This treat is now only sweet in taste.. but also in health benefits! Here are 5 reasons why eating these Super foods will help you in staying healthy on the inside and out whilst at home. Fun Facts


Hello! I’m Katie, I have created this blog to connect and share with the world my insights and inspiration for making changes to living a more holistic lifestyle mind and body.

The Wishing Well Blog is your world of wellness for a spread of inspiration for healing holistically through everyday choices. No diets or quick fixes here, instead I will be sharing ways for switching thinking from old beliefs into small positive every day changes. This space will be filled with topics and tips for living more kindly for the planet and ourselves, as easily and cheaply as possible!

After battling with chronic bloating and bad skin for many years I decided to switch to a whole foods plants based diet, this is when I began to feel truly ALIVE. I believe that we can heal ourselves from a range of poor health problems by small changes to our diet and mindset.

Its 2020 and your life begins today! Lets say goodbye to old beliefs and habits that are not serving us and welcome changes to start living as your higher self.

Wishing Health, Light & Love!

Katie x